Friday, February 24, 2012

Desi Moon on Writing and Going off the Deep End

I'm proud to introduce a wonderful new voice on the romance scene, Desi Moon. Trust me when I tell you her schedule for 2012 is jammed, so I was thrilled when she agreed to take some time to sit down for a chat. 

Tell us about your forthcoming release. 
Accidental Intent-- A romantic murder mystery that has gone to the dogs and some really killer footwear.

Describe your journey as a writer. 
Oh I think the term "journey" is way too tame, this is more like a foray through the wilderness armed only with a machette and half a bottle of bug repellant.

Do you have a daily writing schedule and if so what is it? 
I try to get writing done every day while my youngest is in school, I attempt to write when she is home but then Bert, Ernie and Oscar the Grouch seep into the story line and my characters tend to go off the deep end.

Funny, cause my characters tend to start off the deep... How much planning, outlining and research goes into each of your books? 
I've known authors who plot and plan right down to their characters favorite ice cream and what pair of underwear they wore last Tuesday. That doesn't work for me. I love the air of mystery when I sit down to write, the wonder of watching the story unfold organically. And discovering for myself what type of underwear they prefer.

How do you deal with writer's block? 
By walking away and doing something very menial, like baking, or watching a TV show. I need to stop thinking before I can come up with a solution.

What authors inspire you? 
The absurdity of Christopher Moore is inspiring, I absolutely love his wit and the way his mind works.
Janet Evanovich's zany characters and the situations they find themselves in. And Jasper Fforde's whimsically creative (Creatively whimsical?) worlds. I aspire to be so bold and think outside of the box as they do.

What's the best thing about being a writer? 
I am given the opportunity to explore every inch of new and exiting worlds, as a voyeur that is a rare and lovely gift!

What's the worst thing about being a writer? 
The tediousness of editing- I understand it needs to be done, but Oi!

If you weren't doing this interview right now, what would you be doing? 
Editing, which is where I am heading now!

Thanks so much for stopping by! Any last words?
Thank you so much for hosting me!!!! Looking forward to your next book--
Accidental Intent comes out March 17th-- keep tabs on what I am up to at my Blog or
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On Twitter: @DBMoonbook


Author bio:
My name is Desi Moon- I am a writer, dog trainer (Almost all of my stories have at least one dog mentioned) and a Project Runway junkie.
I am living the fractured fairy tale with my wonderful husband Eben, who is a board game designer and a writer as well (Helps to have another creative neurotic in the house)
My family includes two great kids who keep me on my toes (mentally and physically) three entitled cats, and one issue plagued but none the less loveable dog.

Thursday, February 9, 2012

Hive FREE for 48 hours!

The giveaway I did for my debut novel Malice earlier this week was such a smashing success (it's currently burning up the Occult bestseller list), I've decided to do the same thing for my zombie novella Hive (Amazon only). Of course there isn't a Hive II just yet, I'm working on that as we speak, but still, I wanted to give readers a no risk chance to read some more of my work. Hive's like nothing else I've done before. From story down to the writing style it's quite unique.

Here's the blurb:

Nearly two hundred years after the planet was ravaged by millions of undead Zees, the human race is still struggling to rebuild. The Zees may be long gone, but so too are centuries of scientific advancement.

A group calling themselves The Keepers of Knowledge have set out to retrieve and protect what little technology survived the fall. When four of their Prospectors go missing, the Keepers turn to a no-nonsense mercenary named Azina and her eclectic crew of hardened veterans to find them.

The search leads the group to a crumbling underground city. But what looks like just another ruin from a bygone era isn’t nearly as deserted as it appears. Soon, a simple rescue mission becomes a slippery descent into hell as Azina and her men unwittingly awaken a savage, bloodthirsty world. Who will stand and fight, and who will be lucky enough to stay dead?

Hive free on Amazon until Friday at midnight.

Saturday, February 4, 2012

Malice Free on Kindle for 48 hours!

I think the title of this blog post pretty much says it all. I'm offering my horror novel Malice FREE of charge for the next 48 hours (Kindle only, sorry). If you we thinking of giving it a read, now's your chance.

Update: I'm currently in the final editing process for my new horror novel Dark Passage which should be out later in the month. I'll start posting some sample chapters as the date draws closer.