Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Uploading to Kindle

As some of you may know from my Tweets, Ted Risk (my formatter) must have pulled an all-nighter, because I sent him my final proofed copy of MALICE at around 2am and I found it in my inbox when I woke up. The man's a star. I'm expecting this post to be rather short since I'll only be addressing the experience I had uploading my novel to Kindle.

Now keep in mind I outsourced most of the heavy lifting (cover design, proofreading and formatting). All told it set me back about 500 bones, but considering I don't get along well with Photoshop or html code, I think I saved myself a world of aggravation.

Overall the process was quite painless. Most of the boxes to be filled in are rather self explanatory. The keywords bit threw me for a tiny loop. You're supposed to pick words that readers might use to find your book. Luckily Scott Nicholson was nice enough to lend a newb (that's me!) a hand.

If you've seen any previous posts then you might have seen I was feeling 'the crunch'. My deadline is October 1st and without Ted's lightening fast skills, I'd need a defibrillator handy, or two.

The cool thing about Kindle (and maybe B&N too, I just don't know yet), is that you can change whatever you want. If my product description blows, or my covers are weak or I decide to include a sample chapter from my upcoming book, that's not a problem. I hope this doesn't sound like a commercial, because trust me it isn't.

If I haven't mentioned it, there's a 24 hour 'review' period while Amazon preps your digital shelf space. Or checks your ebook to make sure it's not porn masquerading as literature. So until this time tomorrow (Kindle), I'm going to just sit back (Kindle), relax (Kindle) and wipe any thoughts of my book clear out of my mind (Kindle, Kindle, Kindle).

Thanks for dropping by.

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