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Kenneth Hoss on Storm Rising and Hot Pockets

There are two thing about Kenneth Hoss I can say for sure. He's a great writer and a real gentleman. He was nice enough to sit down with me in cyberspace for a few questions on his new book Storm Rising – A Kelli Storm Novel and a backstage peek into the life of a writer. 

Griffin: Tell us about your current release.
Ken: My current novel, Storm Rising – A Kelli Storm Novel, is about an NYPD Detective who after twenty-one year’s catches an unexpected break in her father’s murder case. In addition, she and her new partner catch a case that leads to a Colombian Drug Cartel running out of Mexico.

Griffin: Describe your journey as a writer?
Ken: I began my unofficial writing career when I was in High School. I always had a vivid imagination growing up, and it only seemed natural to write down the stories running around in my head. Of course, reading was a huge part of my childhood, and I would voraciously devour anything by Asimov or Heinlein. Later in life, during my time on active duty in the Navy, I found my ambition again, and wrote several short Sci/Fi stories, though failed to find a publisher.

My “official” career as an author began only three short years ago. After being out of it for so long, my first attempts were less than admirable. It wasn’t until I “discovered” Kelli Storm that I found my real voice.

Griffin: Do you have a daily writing schedule and if so what is it?
Ken: Not really. As a writer, and I believe others can relate to this, I am notorious procrastinator. I have to force myself to sit down and write. However, when I do manage to “force” myself, it’s usually a very prolific session.

Griffin: How much planning, outlining and research goes into each of your books?
Ken: With “Storm Rising” I was very detailed in my outline, though the story ended up taking a different direction after a couple of chapters. I did have notes and knew where I wanted the story to go though. With “Storm Warning”, I’m working off of a skeletal outline. Other than getting some background on my side characters, the process is more a “by the seat of your pants” endeavor.

Griffin: How do you deal with writer's block?
Ken: Take a break, watch a little television, pick up a book I’ve been reading, or just sit back and listen to Jazz.

Griffin: Which of your characters are you the most like and which of your characters are you the least like? Why?
Ken: That’s a tough one. There is a lot of “me” in Kelli, though I can’t say I’m like her. Does that make sense? My characters are taken from people I have known, or just met in passing. As a writer, I like to people watch, it’s how I get my characters.

Griffin: Which of all your characters have you enjoyed writing the most?
Ken: I have to say Kelli. Yes, I know, she’s my MC, and maybe I’m just playing favorites. She is a dynamic personality.

Griffin: Finish this sentence. If I wasn't a writer I'd be...
Ken: Soulless. Writing is my one true passion in life.

Griffin: Any thoughts on the current state of the publishing industry?
Ken: I think the eBook industry will keep growing, and hopefully the “Big” guys come to realize that it’s not a bad thing. My only hope is that it doesn’t mean an end to hard copy books. I still like to feel a book in my hand, smell the paper. At the same time, I love my Kindle too.

Griffin: What authors inspire you?
Ken: There are really too many to mention in this short space. I have to say that John Grisham, Tom Clancy and David Baldacci have all been a source of inspiration.

Griffin: How do you come up with your ideas?
Ken: I wouldn’t say that I really “come up” with them. Ideas hit me all the time. I could be driving along, going to the store for example, see a sign or a person, and wham!

Griffin: What's the best thing about being a writer?
Ken: I get to plot murder and mayhem, and it’s legal.

Griffin: What's the worst thing about being a writer?
Ken: The hours!

Griffin: What's your favorite flavor of Hot Pockets?
Ken: I don’t like Hot Pockets. If I have to “nuke” it, it’s usually leftovers from last nights dinner.

Griffin: If you weren't doing this interview right now, what would you be doing?
Ken: I hope that I would be working on my next book.

Griffin: Thanks so much for stopping by! Any last words?
Ken: Thanks for having me. I would just like to share a little piece of advice someone gave me. If you’re going to be a writer, you have to keep your “butt in chair”.

Griffin: Where can people go to satisfy their Kenneth Hoss itch?
 Ken: You can purchase and download my book at the following online retailers:

Barnes & Noble

You can visit me at the following sites:
My blog
Twitter: @kennhoss
Independent Authors Network

Kenneth Hoss was born in Fort Worth, Texas in 1957. Storm Rising - A Kelli Storm Novel is a Police Procedural and is the first book in a three book series. Storm Warning, the next book, has a planned release of Spring 2012.
Kenneth is currently single and lives in Irving, Texas.

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