Sunday, January 15, 2012

Cover for my new zombie novella HIVE

I'm proud to announce that the cover for my new post apocalyptic zombie novella HIVE arrived last night. Thanks once again to the brilliant and talented Kit Foster. It's always such a pleasure working with him. I also have a fantastic editor, Michelle Dear, recommended by Scott Nicholson. Thanks Scott! Michelle is quick, extremely professional and I'm also discovering something of a marketing guru. If all goes well, HIVE should be available for purchase on Amazon by January 19th. Stay tuned.


  1. Ooh! This cover looks gruesome - I love it!

    ... I'm not too sure what that says about me, though :-/

    Anyways, looking forward to reading this, I love a good zombie story B-)

  2. Hi Renae,

    Thank you! I'm really excited about this one. Hope you enjoy it!