Saturday, March 10, 2012

New Release: Dark Passage

Hi all,

Wanted to let all my faithful fans know that my new horror thriller Dark Passage is now live on Amazon! Here's a blurb to wet your appetite.


Tyson Barrett has carried a terrible secret his entire life. A secret that haunts his dreams and threatens to destroy the happiness he's worked so hard to build. But those nightmares don't just want to torture him. Somehow, they've found a way out ... and now they want him dead.

Praise for the work of Griffin Hayes

"Nail-biters beware: Griffin Hayes will have you chewing off your arm!" 
-- Hugh Howey, best-selling author of WOOL

"Griffin Hayes brings to-the-point characterizations, a crisp writing style, and well-written action scenes." 
-- Keith C. Blackmore, best-selling author of MOUNTAIN MAN

"Hayes writes at a sprinter's pace with a new horror at every turn. Don't let your guard down for a moment because the scares are relentless." 
-- Joe Hart, author of MIDNIGHT PATHS

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