Friday, July 20, 2012

MALICE FREE on Amazon July 20-21!

My supernatural thriller MALICE is FREE on Amazon from Friday July 20th to Saturday July 21st. 

When a series of shocking suicides rock the small town of Millingham, Massachusetts, the authorities are left with a single burning question. What was it the victims saw in those final moments that made them tear their eyes out?

Only seventeen-year-old Lysander Shore knows these aren't suicides at all. There's a serial killer stalking the people of Millingham. One that murders at will and never leaves a trace.

And it isn't long before the trail of bodies leads Lysander to the town's deep dark secret. A secret that traces back to a witch's trial and execution 350 years before. The deeper Lysander digs, the more he realizes the victims aren't nearly as random as they seem. In fact, the killer has a list and Lysander is next.


"I was riveted by every chapter." --Terri,

"A wonderful action filled story...can't wait to read more from Griffin Hayes." --Emily Tuley,

"You Must Own this book. Do NOT walk, RUN...and BUY IT!! You won't be disappointed." --Annette Nishimoto,

More Praise for the work of Griffin Hayes

"Nail-biters beware: Griffin Hayes will have you chewing off your arm!"
-- Hugh Howey, bestselling author of WOOL

"Griffin Hayes brings to-the-point characterizations, a crisp writing style, and well-written action scenes."
-- Keith C. Blackmore, bestselling author of MOUNTAIN MAN

"Hayes writes at a sprinter's pace with a new horror at every turn. Don't let your guard down for a moment because the scares are relentless."
-- Joe Hart, author of MIDNIGHT PATHS

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