Friday, August 24, 2012

Dark Passage: A Paranormal Thriller is Free August 24-25

My paranormal thriller Dark Passage will be FREE on Amazon August 24-25.

From Amazon reviewers:
"Top Ten Thrillers of All Time"
"Seriously creepy!"
"An edge of your seat thriller"
"Best Book Ever!!!"

When Tyson Barrett closes his eyes, nightmares torture him--visions from a traumatic childhood so horrifying he hasn't slept in months. He's already estranged from his wife and their young son and now his business is on the verge of collapse. A last ditch effort to end Tyson's nightmares and cure his insomnia results in what appears to be a miracle cure; one that promises to solve both his medical and personal problems.

But this miracle cure has a dark side. Now, whenever Tyson dreams, something unspeakable follows him back from that other place, an abomination born from the darkest depths of his psyche... and it isn't working alone. There's something else waiting to come through. An evil more terrifying than Tyson could ever have imagined. And now it wants his son.

Warning: contains graphic violence and language.

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