Wednesday, April 24, 2013

New Release: Primal Shift Episode 3

Primal Shift episode 3 is now live on Amazon! If you thought episodes 1 and 2 were good, then hang onto your knickers Shiftites. Fans of my short story Fatherland should also appreciate the cameo by one of the key players in that story. I won't dare ruin the surprise by saying anything more other than if you haven't read Fatherland yet (the thrilling prequel to Primal Shift) head to Amazon, Kobo or iTunes and download it for free. I've also included the story in episode 3 of Primal Shift since without it, readers may be left scratching their heads, wondering what the heck's going on.

A special thank you to my fans and colleagues for all of your wonderful support and encouragement. In particular, Andrea Harding for her editing eagle eyes and professionalism. If there are any typos in PS, they belong to me and me alone. A thank you as well to Craig Mcgray for being a great author, an awesome sounding board and an all-round terrific guy. A final shout-out to all my Twitter peeps who help keep me visible. Last but not least, apologies to the rest of the world who may be feeling like the above sounds far too much like one of those cheesy Oscar acceptance speeches. ;-)

Happy Reading!

PS: A number of readers have asked me when Hive 3, the series finale, will be coming out. It was originally slated for a May 1st release, but I've been forced to push that date back by about a month. Sorry for the delay.

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