Saturday, November 2, 2013

A Quick Update on Season 2 of Primal Shift

Over the last few weeks I've received a number of emails (and one FB comment) asking how Season 2 of Primal Shift was coming along. I'm happy to report that so far it's coming along very nicely. Already I'm about to start episode 9 and hope to have the rest completed by the end of November. There are a number of crazy twists and turns, characters lost and characters found. It's shaping up to be a wild ride indeed.
As always, anyone interested in being notified about the release of the final season of Primal Shift should sign up for my mailing list at the top of the page.


  1. Alright, it's now February 2014. When is this book coming out? I just started reading Volume 1 and haven't yet finished but I'm already starting to anxiously await Volume 2! You have me hooked from page 1 so kudos! Please don't make me suffer much longer by having to wait for Volume 2! In the meantime, I will sloooowly read Volume 1 and try to stretch it out until the next one is available. Love your writing!

  2. Hi Tator,

    Thank you for the kind words! You picked a perfect time to read Vol. 1 since if all goes well, Vol. 2 should be out by the first week of March. If you haven't already done it, why not sign up to my mailing list, so you know the minute it goes live. :-)

  3. I've already signed up and can't wait to hear when Volume 2 is released. Thanks!