Friday, November 4, 2011

Two of my short stories are now free!

I thought the few remaining readers still on my fence about good old Griffin Hayes might need a little nudge. It is high up there and I wouldn't want you getting hurt. For that reason, I've decided to make you an offer you can't refuse. Two free short stories, just for you!

Stop shaking your head in disbelief, you heard right. Two short stories I've recently uploaded to Amazon and Smashwords are now free. To get them, use these Smashwords links and download to your heart's content.

Important: You don't need a Smashwords account to download these stories, only an e-reader since they're in eBook format.

Or if you prefer you can get them on Barnes & Noble:
The Second Coming
The Grip


Jack Barrow has traveled back in time to save his family from a sadistic killer. All he has to do now is convince Dr. Sims at Bellevue Heights Mental Institution that he isn't crazy.


Lt. Cready and Engineer Andreas Chavez have been chosen to man a claustrophobic outpost on the outer edge of the solar system. After a year and a half with no word from Earth, nerves become frayed and tensions mount as Cready begins to suspect that his friend isn't entirely human. 
Let me know what you think! 

Happy Reading! 
Griffin Hayes

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