Friday, December 2, 2011

Holiday Malice

Attention Christmas shoppers. Malice (Kindle) is now .99 cents for the holidays, so if ever there was a time to pick up a copy for Grandma Suckles, Uncle Bob, Little Billy and the rest of the extended family, this is it.

Sadly, on B&N and elsewhere, Malice is still a whopping $2.99, but I have a warm spot in my cold heart for all you Nook and Epub lovers. If you're interested in picking up a copy, send me an email (griffinhayesbooks [at] with 'Holiday Malice' in the subject line and I'll cut you a Smashwords coupon for $2 off the cover price. For people bad at math like me, that means you'll pay the same as the Kindle folk. A great ice breaker at cocktail parties, trust me.

Please note: No children were harmed in the creation of this blog entry.

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