Thursday, November 22, 2012

Dark Passage FREE Nov 22-23!

My horror thriller Dark Passage will be FREE on Amazon November 22-23.

Here are just a few of the great reviews on Amazon:
"Griffin Hayes nails horror on the head!"
"Wonderfully written!"
"Top Ten Thrillers of All Time"
"Seriously creepy!"
"An edge of your seat thriller"
"Best Book Ever!!!"

Tyson Barrett used to be happy. Used to have a family, a son, a thriving business. Now he has nothing but long sleepless nights broken only by nightmares so terrifying they threaten his sanity. So when he is asked to join an underground drug trial that will “cure” him, he agrees.

But this cure comes with a terrible price. One that will force him to confront a dark past he thought he left buried up at Sunnybrook Asylum. One that will put his soul at risk, and will threaten everything he ever loved.

The mind is full of halls. And some of the darkest passages lead to rooms better left closed.

Warning: contains graphic violence and language.

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And a special thank you to Ereader News TodayFree Kindle Books and Tips and The Digital Ink Spot for helping to spread the word.

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