Saturday, November 24, 2012

New Cover Reveal For Bird of Prey

I've been meaning to update the cover to Bird of Prey for a while now and only recently found the time. I'd wanted something a little more menacing and I think this does the job quite nicely, not to mention it was fun as hell to make.

Here's a snapshot of what the story's about. If you like good old fashioned monster mayhem, giant larvae and lots of guns, then Bird of Prey is definitely for you.

Nestled in the warm belly of the abandoned Keisel Steel Works, an ancient creature has begun to stir. A one-hundred-year cycle is drawing to a rapid close and with it the time when the beast must lead her newly hatched young to the feeding grounds.

A handful of the oldest folks in town remember that time well. A time when the sky was clotted with flapping, leathery wings and monsters driven mad by the smell of human blood. They also know of the feeding grounds. They know them as the backyards in which their kids play and the streets of the tiny Alaskan town they call home.

Buck Sanders didn't know any of this the day he arrived at the steel works to pilfer a length of siding for the roof of his crumbling bar. And neither did his friend Tommy Hodgkins. But they are perhaps the only ones who can stop a curse that has been playing out for centuries. At stake is more than their lives. At stake is everything.



  1. Thanks Adam!

    Yeah, I think I've discovered a new passion. The last cover of mine I'll be tweaking is The Grip. It's fine as is, but doesn't quite say much about the claustrophobic atmosphere of the story. Thanks for stopping by and congrats again on the success of Alex. When's Rebecca due out?

  2. January 8th, come hell or high water. :)

  3. Awesome cover! Very impressed with that. Did you do that yourself? I hope all is well with you, mate.

  4. Thanks Kit! I'd had a pretty light cover for Bird of Prey and felt the story needed something darker...more menacing. The style was definitely inspired by your work on The Second Coming.

  5. These covers are awesome. What software do you use to create them?

  6. Thanks for the kind words Billy! I design my covers using Gimp. For free software it's great!