Friday, February 1, 2013

New Release: Nightfall A collection of Dark Tales

So far 2013 is shaping up to be a real cracker of a year. For starters, we were spared a horrible cataclysm on December 21st, 2012 which is a shame really cause I'd spent quite a bit of money on my post-apocalyptic Mad Max style outfit. And trust me when I tell you, trying on assless chaps and a Tina Turner wig in the store was a big mistake.

Joking aside, I've got some more announcements to make. I've recently started a newsletter and a number of people have already joined in so that's very encouraging. I'm not crazy about tooting my own horn, so it's a great way for readers to stay on top of new releases once they hit the shelves.

Most recently in that category is my collection of short fiction called Nightfall. Seven of the best short stories I have, now all in one place. Bird of Prey, The Neighbors, The Second Coming, The Grip, Fatherland, The Bearer and Last Call. I'm naming them here to ensure none of you go out and buy the individual stories. If you're interested, save a few bucks and get the collection.

More importantly, toward the end of February I'll be releasing a post apocalyptic serialized novel that follows four groups of unlikely characters through a frightening end of the world landscape. I'm staying  tight lipped about it now but let's just say civilization is about to come crashing down in a way you never expected. The cover's also really nice but I'll be waiting another week or so before I reveal it.

Dark Passage has also seen an uptick in sales since the promotion I did at the end of January. At the very least, I got my name out there to a few thousand more readers and hopefully they'll enjoy a tour through Griffin Hayes' demented brain (I think I just spoke about myself in the third person, ouch!)

Finally, in April, once work on season 1 of the post apocalyptic series wraps up, I'll be finishing Hive III and combining all three stories into a single volume. After that, I may chop off my fingers and head to a monastery high up on a hill somewhere. Or not. Haven't decided yet.


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  3. Hi Aphex Twin,

    Thanks for stopping by. I've had my head buried in my latest book so just saw your comment. I'll check out your story and email you shortly about the interview.

  4. I'm glad your promotion for Dark Passage went well and is getting some more readers. I'll make sure to post a good constructive review of what I think when I finish it. Like I said on twitter, I'm enjoying it so far.

    It's great to see you're constantly working on so many projects. Do you consider yourself to be a full time writer? I'd love to be at a point where I could have this many things in the works, with lots of time to write more. Keep it up man.